About Us

Founded by Amal Totayo who has over 20 years of media experience in the MENA and International Market.

One of the top leading content distribution agencies in the MENA and International Market

The primary link between producers and TV channels across the MENA and International Markets

Offers market research that help in developing strategies for both content providers and distribution channels

A gateway to a strong portfolio of worldwide clients ranging from independent producers to international TV Networks, leading production houses, and top media broadcasters

A dedicated team of experts with in-depth market knowledge in the media industry that develop effective media solutions to expand content reach

Entails premium multilingual content from different genres

Our Network

Strong relationships with leading broadcasters and production companies in the MENA and International markets

In-house specialized team that offers an effective distribution plan which focuses on facilitating the process so producers concentrate on what they do best… creating quality content

Our Value

Our relationship with our clients reflect our key value: Partnership

We consult clients from the initial stages of any project whereby we provide them with valuable long-term development plans, market research and business insights