Lebanese Drama

private relationships

This is the story of five different marriages in early stages of preparation arrangements.

The first couple consists of Joe (MajedAl Masri) and Yasmeen (MirvaAl Qadi). They both live in the glittery and fashionable section of Beirut, where Yasmeen met Joe while she was working as a model. Apart from being attracted to her good looks, Joe falls in love with her beautiful voice and decides to train her as a show-girl.

The second couple consists of Jihad (AmmarShalaq)and Lamar (Joy Khoury). After a long romantic affair that lasted 8 years, Lamar broke up with Eyad(Tony Issa) whose financial problems stood in the way of consuming their marriage and poisoned their relationship.

The Third couple consists of Eyad, Lamar’s former lover, and Rana(AyaTiba) who happens to be Jihad’s sister – they plan their wedding to coincide that of Jihad & Lamar.

Thefourth couple consists of Teim(BassemYakhour)and Maya (DimaKandaleft). Following his parents’ wish, Teimgets engaged to his cousin, Sawsan, but fails to find anything in common with her traditional personality. Few days before the wedding, Teimfalls madly in love with Maya and he decides to challenge everyone around him by eloping with her to Beirut.

The fifth couple consists of Houssam(Ahmed Zaher) and Farah (SafaSultan). While both are Egyptian,Houssamis 20 years older than Farah and he has a son from a previous marriage, forcing Farah to fight bitterly for marrying him. Willtheirmarriage succeed?

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